Alex Loves… Thursday Friday Bags

Ok, so this is a bit of a controversial one… If, like me, you spent a *little* too much in December, buying designer bags is just out of the question for a while. Well, I just discovered the wonderful Thusrday Friday bags, which should cure your designer cravings without craving the bank. These canvas bags are printed on 5 sides with images of… eh… well-known designer handbags. I know it should be SO wrong, but I think they’re great. I use freebie canvas totes all the time for grocery shopping, so why not step it up a notch and actually make it a statement? I don’t think this counts as copying, more like… an hommage to the real thing. It’s definitely much better than buying a knock-off or “inspired” version of the original.

They come in different sizes and colours, available from Thursday Friday‘s website from $35, as well as Chiltern St. Studios here in London.

What do you think? Copy-cat or ironically cool? Really wrong or so right?

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