Last week when I was in Belgium, a friend told me about her friend’s new innovative rainwear label Terra New York At first, I wasn’t all that convinced – after all, rainwear just isn’t that exciting. But then she showed me some images and I’m smitten. There’s practical rainwear, and then there’s Terra New York.

Founders Yurika Nakazono and Marie Saeki are keen cyclists and struggled to find practical yet fashionable raingear, so they just created their own. The collection, currently consisting of just 3 models in 2 colours – a cape, a trench and a parka – is 100% waterproof whilst still allowing your body to breathe. The see-through material is see-through, which allows you to still show off your outfits underneath no matter what the weather’s like.

Personally, I think this is pure genius. God knows we get our fair share of rain here in London, and as I’m always on the go, it seems like I’m just dressed in raincoats underneath an umbrella these days. The trench is high up on my wishlist – practical and absolutely beautiful. They’ve also created lovely little waterproof pouches to keep your gadgets and papers nice and dry…

Yep, Terra New York gets the Alex Loves Stamp Of Approval. (Wouldn’t it be cool if I actually had a stamp to do just that?)

Available to buy from the website, and no doubt in shops everywhere soon:

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pixel Introducing... Terra New York
  • Elisabeth Somers

    Hoping to wear mine very soon !!

  • (@Alexxxje) (@Alexxxje)

    On days like today I wish I had one of these sheer @TerraNewYork macs…