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When I first heard Cheryl Cole was designing a range of shoes for StylistPick, I must admit I had my doubts. Cheryl has gone a long way from being a questionably dressed footballer’s wife to being accepted by the fashion crowd and even gracing a British Vogue cover. For a while, we all fell for Cheryl’s style – she was the nation’s sweetheart after all. Then she kind of went off the radar, and everyone’s obsession with her style faded a bit. Her shoe collection will mark her return to the spotlight, and expectations are of course high.

Today, the collection finally launched on StylistPick and I must admit I’m a little surprised: it’s not at all what I expected. I thought there would be plenty of WAG-style heels – and there are a couple – but there’s also biker boots, comfortable sheepskin boots and high heeled booties. Sure, there’s a bit of leopard and some sequins, but in general, she didn’t go down the obvious route. There’s definitely some hits and some misses (not convinced by the two-tone Freak Le Chic, to be honest), but at least I’m happy Cheryl really put herself out there with this 12-piece collection.

The long-awaited collection is now live on StylistPick from today. If you have never heard of StylistPick, let me introduce you: this is a new type of online members-only retailer, where you get your personal showroom created by stylists, based on a little questionnaire you fill out in the beginning. This means you don’t get bombarded with hundreds of styles you don’t like, but a small selection which suit your individual style, bringing back the personal touch to online shopping. The team of stylists consists of big names like Louise Roe, Grace Woodward, Marie Claire’s Arabella Greenhill to name a few. Every month, your showroom changes. All items – mostly shoes and handbags – are £39.95, with 25% off your first order with free delivery and returns. It works on a monthly membership basis, with no obligation to buy. Cheryl’s collection falls outside of that price bracket, as it’s a special collaboration.

To see what the stylists would pick for you and what your showroom would look like, you can sign up here.

A little video of Cheryl in the midst of the design process. Love her McQ tartan dress… mostly because I have it :)

Cheryl Cole x Stylistpick
Cheryl Cole x StylistpickCHERYL COLE STYLISTPICK
The good, the WAG and the not-my-style: some highlights of the collection, and the questionable Two-Tone booties…

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