Rabeanco launches in London

On Wednesday I attended the opening of Rabeanco’s UK flagship store in Covent Garden. The label, although not very known here (yet!!!), is immensely popular in Asia with dozens of boutiques and is now looking to conquer Europe. Rabeanco is known for its understated Italian leather bags – at wonderfully affordable prices.

The launch was in collaboration with Because Magazine (check out the awesome video they did here). We spent the night sipping cocktails (too many, judging by my headache the day after), had our nails done and played around in the photobooth. Oh, and I drooled over all the bags – I LOVE the colours (the midnight blue!), the softness of the leather and the seemingly infinite amount of small accessories in every colour which would make great Xmas gifts. For myself. Obviously.

25 Long Acre
Covent Garden

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