Dorothy Perkins launches IN-PRINT graduate collection

Last year, Dorothy Perkins launched a competition to find fresh talent in Print Design. Hundreds of aspiring designers from the UK’s top fashion schools entered the competition, and the jury, consisting of industry insiders like Grace Woodward, Olivia Rubin and DP’s Buying Director Charlotte Pettican, chose Northumbria’s Charis Younger as the winner. I love it when big high street brands embrace young talent, so I was pretty excited to see the end result.

I met Charis last week at Arcadia HQ for a chat and a look at her winning entry. Although she doesn’t see herself as a Print Designer, she created a wonderful geometric, slightly Art Deco print which she then incorporated into a bunch of different colourful looks. As this was the first time the competition was held, there was a miscalculation in the timings, and her Spring/Summer collection had to be transformed into an Autumn/Winter one instead, so the bright yellows and pinks were turned into a monochrome capsule collection instead.

This November, the 5 pieces – a chiffon blouse, silk front top, T-shirt, knitted sweater and scarf – will land in stores and online. So far, only the scarf is available online yet – and for just £10 it’s a real bargain for a great, large and multifunctional scarf. I got to take one home, and it’s been around my neck for the past few days…

Charis Younger and her winning entry

The Final Collection

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