Fashion Fringe 2011: The Show

Earlier I gave you a little look behind the scenes of the Fashion Fringe 2011 finale, now I’m sharing with you the actual show. From my cozy front row seat (thanks Very!), I got the most incredible view of the 3 collections, which were so different but consistently good, it was hard to guess who the winner would be.

The boys from Fyodor Golan showed us some incredible eveningwear, a collection based around a mythical nymph going through a painful metapmorphosis. It started off angelic and white, went through a colourful phase and ended with a couple of dramatic and dark looks. Stand out pieces for me were the yellow beaded gowns and beautiful matching shoes.

I loved Heidi Leung’s original take on layering. Beige variations of trenchcoats formed the basis of her looks, which she mixed up with bright coloured knitted panels, and even a bit of lace. Her choice of footwear – funny as though it was – was a little disappointing to me. The flowery flipflops did not add anything to the overall look, and kind of distracted from the amazing talent she obviously has.

Nabil Nayal went dramatic and sexy with his collection: it was part Elizabethan costume mixed with some beautiful wearable pieces. I especially liked his quilted skirts and dresses – very chic.

After the show, the jury went back to deliberate, a team headed up by Roland Mouret and also featuring Claudia Schiffer and Colin McDowell. It was second time lucky for the boys of Fyodor Golan, as they had made the final last year, but this year deservedly won the prestigious title. They now join the exclusive group of winners of the prize, which includes Erdem, Basso & Brooke, Jena.Theo and Corrie Nielsen to name a few.

Congrats boys!!!

Fyodor Golan

Heidi Leung

Nabil Nayal

The announcement of the winner – Fyodor Golan – by Roland Mouret, Colin McDowell and Claudia Schiffer.

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