Duo Boots

Short chubby legs + tiny feet + 12 years of riding horses = nightmare finding boots that fit.

For years and years I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of boots that fit me – it’s a complete nightmare, and a challenge I cannot seem to win. Having tiny feet means boots my size are quite narrow, my short legs means they’re usually too tall and my chubby, muscly calves means I just cannot close the zipper halfway up. I’ve accepted that stepping out in a big cosy sweater, skinny jeans and leather boots in winter, is just not for me.

Until now. Two weeks ago I was invited to go to the Duo showroom in the new St’ Martins Courtyard in Covent Garden. Duo is a British brand which caters to people just like me: they offer boots with 21 different calf widths, as well as normal shoes and heels with several feet widths. I must admit I’d been on their website several times, but never took the leap because I wasn’t sure they’d fit me. So the invitation to go to the new showroom in Covent Garden was basically a godsend. I got measured by one of the specially trained staff, and tried on all the different models and sizes until I found the ones that were perfect. The showroom has every model in every width in store to try on, but perhaps not in your desired colour, so once you decide you get your boots sent straight to your home a few days later. It’s not quite made-to-measure, but as close as you can get.

I chose the tan Carron boots, because they felt relaxed, they have a great strap detail and a chunky heel which adds some much-needed height. They arrived and fit perfectly, and I’ve not taken them off since… I have years of non-boot wearing to catch up on, after all!

Duo delivers worldwide, so difficult calves around the world can now finally relax. There’s a boot out there for you too, hurrah!

21 Slingsby Place
St’ Martins Courtyard
London WC2E 9AB

Wearing my new Duo boots

Images via Duo and my own

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