My Fashionable Friends

So fashion week is over. It was manic, tiring, at times awful and other times wonderful. It’ll definitely take me a while to digest, with tons of posts coming up soon, but I wanted to kick them off with a little ode to my beautiful friends who made fashion week a little bit more bearable.

Two days before fashion week kicked off, I got a new camera (EOS 600D, if you’re wondering), so I ended up slightly overexcitedly taking pics of everyone and everything, whether they liked it or not – more often than not it was the latter. The result is a collection of snaps of some of the people I got to hang out with over the past week. Old friends and new, bloggers, photographers, writers, stylists and more, all equally talented. So let me introduce you to some of my friends.

Well, former friends, as they probably won’t talk to me after this post.

Michael, of Anastasia & Duck

Danielle, of Fashionista Barbie

Reena, of Fashion Daydreams

Kit, of Styleslicker

Ilana, freelance journalist

Ella of Cocosteaparty

Jen, designer of Ruby Browning jewellery

Reem, of FiveFiveFabulous

Issie, stylist

Anna, from Vogue

Brad, of the FYI Blog

Tiany, from

Elspeth, of Glam*It

Laetitia, of Mademoiselle Robot

Antonia, from the Daily Express and Thirty Days

Nick, of Bainser

Corrie, of Corrie Nielsen

Alexxsia, of My Labyrinth

Abi, of Abi Marvel

Sybylle, of Wolf and Badger

Whitney and Kelly, of The City

Alex, of Alex Loves

A little collage…

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