A surprise from Mulberry, part 3.

This is fast becoming a seasonal feature on my blog: the amazing London Fashion Week invites from Mulberry. First, there was the cat mask, then my little doll, then last season’s origami game, which I never had time to report (but still features proudly on my desk), so I was like a giddy little child when the courier delivered the latest ones…

Summer 2012 looks to be a hot and cheerful one according to Mulberry. The show invite is an ice cream sandwich, which plays the ice cream van tune when opened. As if that wasn’t enough, the afterparty is a swimming ring, which has all the details when you blow it up… I giggled all the way until it was fully blown up – the tube literally filled with laughter.

If the invites are anything to go by, the show will be an absolute blast, as always.

Shall I wear it as a necklace on the night?
Dress: COS

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