There’s so many great collaborations coming out in the next few weeks, I can hardly keep up, but Missoni for Target has to be one of the most exciting ones out there. Not only is it MASSIVE – over 400 pieces, ranging from women’s to men’s to kid’s to homewares to bedding to luggage to bikes to… well, more – but it’s just plain good.

Often I find that when luxury brands collaborate with big chains it just looks like a cheap knock off of the brand, often overhyped and in the end not just not worth it (Lanvin for H&M, anyone?). But the Missoni for Target collaboration feels like a bonafide Missoni collection, true to the core of the brand, but just made more accessible to the general public. I’m excited, even if I can’t actually get my hands on any of it around here.
Margherita Missoni, granddaughter of the original founders, is the face of the advertising campaign (see above), which gives this collaboration even more credibility in my opinion.

Missoni for Target lands in stores and online September 13th, with prices ranging between $3-$600, but with the majority being under $40. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the awesome items landing in store, starting with the coolest bike ever…

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  • Okay I cry now… Why can’t we have Target in the UK?! They can have Morrisons, give us Target. 

    • I know….. some of their collaborations make me want to hop on a plane, they’re so good!!!

  • a la mode

    I want that bike!

  • I absolutely love this glimpse of Missoni’s new collection. It is definitely time to grow my collection from Missoni’s range at