Medwinds Marsella Tote

You may remember a few months ago I wrote about the launch of new online-only Spanish brand Medwinds. (If not, read why they’re special here). Well, today I was sent one of their beautiful Marsella Tote Bags (I know, I’m spoiled…) and I wanted to show just how beautiful it is, away from a busy showroom, with unforgiving closeups and you’ll see: it’s pretty much perfect. Mine is the green, waxed cotton version, which has that wonderful “have had it for yeaaaaaaaars” look. (There’s also a leather version of the bag). It’s huge, has an easily detachable shoulder strap and will probably become a firm fixture around my arm this fashion week when I have to carry camera’s, papers, chargers, extra shoes, umbrella, make up, etc around all day. Nice one for boys too, methinks.

Muchas gracias, Medwinds!

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