It’s not hard getting me excited about high heels. I adore them, collect them, spend too much money on them, hardly ever wear them these days. Flats, on the other hand, seem to never get much of my attention – despite spending about 90% of my time in them. I find them a little boring, uninspired and have a hard time falling in love with them. Until now.

Yesterday I got to see the new Kat Maconie AW11 collection at the Greene & Sheppard press day and I got a whole new level of love for flat shoes – these are my idea of perfection. They’re simple – not fussy, a little rock ‘n roll, and suuuuper comfortable with built-in cushioning. I’ve been a big admirer of Kat Maconie’s shoes since first spotting them at the Felder Felder show a year ago, and later at the Urban Outfitters press day, but now I’m officially a member of the fan club.

The AW11 collection should land in stores around September and I’ll be the first in line to get me a pair. Of flats. Oh quelle horreur…!

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  • I’m exactly the same as you – I live in flats yet they don’t get my heart beating like a lovely pair of skyscrapers!

    These are gorgeous though…

    • Exactly! These flats are probably the first ones I’ve been properly excited about in… forever! Must. Get. Some. 


  • Rianna bethany

    These flats are amazing, my very first pair of Kat Maconies were delivered this morning! I LOVE THEM!

    Rianna xxxxxx

  • They look very comfortable!

  • So SO true that thing about flats usually being ‘boring’… I mentioned you in my new post ;-)

  • I’m the opposite of you – I always get excited about a good pair of flats. That’s because it’s so tricky to find a good pair of flats: they’ve always got flimsy soles that wear away quickly or just get battered and start flopping off. I saw Kat’s shoes for the first time last year, and immediately got two pairs: they’re comfy, they look stylish and I can run around all day in them with aching feed. Hurrah…

    Mega excited about the A/W 11 collection, they look brilliant. More please Kat! 

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