Forever 21 Launch Party

So this may be a little outdated, as it happened before I left on holiday, but the Forever 21 launch party for the Oxford Street store was so spectacular, I wanted to share it with you anyway!

The party was as extravagant and fun as you would expect a Forever 21 party to be – a carrousel ride, burger van, hologram fashion shows, rollergirls, breakdancers, cocktails, pick ‘n mix sweets, a hoolagirl, nail art – you name it, it was there. And of course the face of the brand, Bip Ling, was around to DJ.

I left with a bag of sweets for the trip home in the torrential rain and the thoughts of buying some rollerskates with flashing wheels, so I can be as cool as the rollergirls there.

Forever 21 is now open on 360 Oxford Street…

Some snaps from the hologram fashion show: absolutely spectacular!


Isabelle OC


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