A Very McQueen Birthday

I’m back from a blissful, relaxing, much-needed holiday which also included my birthday. It started in the French Riviera, where I saw my cousin get married, then on to the south of Portugal, where I celebrated my birthday (and first anniversary) with my lovely boyfriend, who spoiled me rotten for the occasion.

I got not just one, but three Alexander McQueen goodies, all things he picked out himself, after remembering how much I liked the designer after forcing him to watch the Channel 4 documentary McQueen & I. For once I was truly surprised and he got it all spot on.

First up is the beautiful silk skull scarf, which serves as a retrospective of past iconic collections and was created especially for the Savage Beauty exhibition at the Met in New York. I also got the book to go along the exhibition, which has the most incredible cover (and content, of course). Then I also got a snakeskin wrap bracelet (which I’ve worn every day since), which features a gold skull with swarovski eyes and gold engraved coin.

It was a good birthday indeed. Boy did well.

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