Wednesday Wishlist 9: The it’s-almost-my-bday Edition

Call me a cheeky little bugger, but it’s never too early to start dropping unsubtle hints about what you’d like to get for your birthday, right? With my 26th less than 2 weeks away, I thought I’d put together a helpful list of things I wouldn’t mind unwrapping. But you know, I’m not difficult or picky or anything. No way…

1: Vintage Boston Caviar Skin Chanel Travel Bag, from Vintage Paris I’ve never seen anything like this bag from Chanel before, and this vintage bag just looks absolutely amazing. Perfect for little weekend trips! Anything in this online shop would do just fine, by the way.

2: Ray-Ban Aviators, from Net-A-Porter I think I’ve gone through the entire Ray-Ban spectrum, and now have my sights on some classic aviators.

3: MacBook Pro, from Apple Although this isn’t something I necessarily want, it’s something I need. My previous MacBook seems to be on its last legs, is missing some buttons on the keyboard and feels and sounds like it could explode at any time. Although I love my desktop, laptops are a necessity for the blogger-on-the-go!

4: Art Deco Collar Necklace, from Bex Rox My slightly thinner collar necklace from Bex Rox has been a permanent fixture around my neck since getting it in a Cocosa sale last year, this one is a bigger and even better version. Lust.

5: Marc Jacobs Black Stud Mouse flats, from Selfridges Adorable. Cute. Rock ‘n roll. Must have.

6: Canon EOS 550D, from John Lewis I used to own a digital SLR, but don’t think I ever really knew how to work it. Now I feel my photography skills have improved drastically and a better camera than my trusty little compact would come in handy, but said SLR broke last year and would cost about as much as a new one to fix. Good camera = every blogger’s most valuable asset.

7: Canon Remote Control, from Amazon For those outfit posts. Right now I have a run-back-and-forth system, which, quite frankly, doesn’t really work.

8: Enamel Clic-Clac H Bracelet, from Hermès Classic, cool. Always liked, always will.

9: Nike iD personalised running shoes I’ve been running a lot lately and a slightly nice looking running shoe would definitely be an improvement from my old, smelly trainers.

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