Sun-San Salt-Water Sandals

Q: What do Suri Cruise, Matilda Ledger, Alexa Chung and Maggie Gyllenhaal, and I, Miss Alex Loves have in common?

A: A mutual love for cult American label Sun-San Salt-Water sandals.

The retro looking sandals, which have been a cult classic in the States since the 1940’s, are finally coming to the UK this summer, and I got a pair to test out. When they first arrived, I was a little unsure. I’m not a big sandal-wearer to begin with (tiny, wide feet make it practically impossible to find a pair that fits), and the ones I received were lime green. Neon green! For the Girl Who Always Wears Black, this was a big shock, but I went with it.

First thing I noticed: they are incredibly COMFY, and yes, they even fit my difficult feet. The green turns out my favourite bit about them, it brightens up any outfit. I’ve already been stopped in the street to ask where I’d got them from, and with the nice weather we’ve been having lately, they haven’t left my feet since arriving.

Here’s the skinny on these cult sandals: the leather is actually water resistant, so you can wear them for a dip in the ocean/pond/river/puddle, they come in 12 colours and 6 designs, starts from baby size 0 up to youth size 3 (that’s where I step in), then in adult sizes up to size 8. Prices start from £34.

These babies have just arrived here in the UK and are selling out like CRAZY. Adult sizes are hard to find, although I heard Toast are stocking them in their shops (and pretty much selling out), but keep an eye out on the stockist page as I’ve been told they’re arriving at more places soon. Rumour has it Alexa Chung has them in about every colour, and about half of under-5 Hollywood is sporting these (the REAL style princesses these days) so you know they’ll be big!

Alexa Chung and Toby Maguire’s Ruby Sweetheart wearing their Salt-Water originals…

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