Rules For The Modern Gentleman iPhone App by Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is where you would go for a nice suit, a good shirt, some stylish sunnies or even a nice smell. But dating advice? Etiquette tips? Not so much…or would you?

Rules For The Modern Gentleman” is a brand new free iPhone app by Dolce & Gabbana, edited by GQ’s Dylan Jones, packed full of little tidbits of advice for men – gentlemen. There’s tips on how to ask a lady out on a date and how to behave during and after the date. There’s advice on proper table etiquette, style (never wear novelty ties!) and grooming tips (what to do with unwanted bodyhair?).

With wonderful bits of advice like “You can never, ever compliment a lady too much” and “always hold the door open for a lady”, I promptly shoved my phone into my boyfriend’s hands, in the hope he’d learn a thing or two. I’m still waiting for my stream of compliments and open doors, so I can only welcome this app, if it helps our men turn into modern-day gentlemen again.

The app, which was launched to go alongside Dolce & Gabbana’s new men’s fragrance “The One Gentleman“, for which gorgeous Matthew McConaughey is the face. The fragrance is sold by Boots in the UK (here) and Bloomingdale’s in the US (here)

Girls, is your man not gentlemanly enough for you? Would you like him to be a little bit more… refined? Boys, want some tips to be a little more suave, a little more sophisticated? Have a play with it and learn. And do let me know what makes a modern day gentleman in your eyes? Good style? Good table manners? Politeness?

Download the free app here, or read more about it on

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