Erdem Love, Actually

I am by no means a style blogger, nor do I ever plan to be. Even being alone in a room with my camera and a tripod makes me break out in a sweat and cringe with embarrassment. However, I do like nice clothes, and sometimes I just want to share them, so I’m attempting to do this a little more, however uncomfortable it makes me!

That I have a bit of an obsession with Erdem is no secret – Mr. Moralioglu has been one of my favourite designers since I was lucky enough to catch one of his very first shows at London Fashion Week a few years ago. I’ve been a massive fan ever since, and it makes me truly happy to see him do so well, so quick. After that particular show, it became my mission in life to get my hands on his gorgeous pieces, that’s how enamoured I was with the prints, the cuts, the colours.

Season after season I have bought more pieces – most in the sale, I got some amazing finds at the British Designers Collective in Bicester Village a few years ago, The Outnet has been a great help in adding to my collection – yes, I collect Erdem. Some pieces have never been worn, some you may have spotted me wearing on many, many occasions. It may have been a lot of money over the years, but I’m very proud of my collection!

A few weeks ago I went to the Erdem sample sale and went a little nuts – sadly my budget wouldn’t allow for all the purchases I wanted – but I invested them in 2 great separates from very different seasons, which oddly work great together in a very clashing way. I also bought a simple silk dress, (which never actually made it into shops), which features hidden pockets and a great print which will translate perfectly into winter.

What I love most about Erdem’s pieces is that they can make a normal, curvy girl like myself feel and look like a million dollars. The cuts are relatively simple and designed to let the prints do all the talking. I’ve worn the outfits below to both weddings as well as a trip to the pub, and I was somehow never overdressed, never underdressed – and that’s a great quality to have.

Nope, my love for Erdem isn’t going anywhere just yet…

Top, skirt and dress: Erdem
Shoes: Nicole Farhi
Skinny Belt: J. Crew
Necklace: Bex Rox
Bracelet: designer unknown

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