DKNY PR Girl starts her own blog

If you’re one of those few people left in the world who hasn’t discovered the wonderful little world of Twitter (it’s ok, I don’t judge), you’ll probably never have heard of DKNY PR Girl before. DKNY PR Girl is the ultimate insider at DKNY HQ, who’s been sharing her thoughts, sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes, scoops and advice through the DKNY twitter account (@DKNY). She’s funny, brutally honest and immensely popular – she was also one of the first to give this amazing insight into a luxury brand.

Now, following the success of her tweeting, DKNY PR Girl has started her own blog – – where she can share a little more than the restrictive 140 characters she has on twitter. From little previews into the latest collections to her To Do List, to PR101 lessons, she truly is an Uber PR Person (her words, not mine). How she manages to find the time to blog in between organising shows, dealing with celebrities and press is beyond me, but it sure as hell makes a funny, interesting read.

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