Bruce Oldfield launches first fragrance!

This morning I had the great honour and pleasure to attend the launch of the legendary Bruce Oldfield‘s first ever fragrance launch in his bridal boutique on Beauchamp Place.

After celebrating 35 years in the business last year, Bruce (we’re on first name basis, you see), decided it was time to jump into the world of fragrance, and teamed up with British perfumiers Floris to develop a signature scent to go along his couture dresses loved by royals and popstars all over the world.

In a brief presentation, he explained the inspiration behind the scent – memories of the Seventies, which he spent with his muse Charlotte Rampling and her international friends in the Cap d’Antibes. He remembered the fragrant smell of mimosa, which is one of the many notes in the Eau the Parfum, as well as amber, vanilla, bergamot, …

He then went on to talk about the great year it’s been for the company, not in the least due to all the talk about him possibly making The Dress for the Royal Wedding. As Diana’s favourite designer in the Eighties and having plenty of royal links, there were non-stop rumours he would be designing the dress for Kate Middleton. With a cheeky smile, Bruce said they all had a great time playing with the press and followed the rule Buckingham Palace once taught them: “Never deny, never elaborate.” This of course fuelled the speculation even further.

After the presentation, we had the opportunity to have a little chat with the designer – an OBE I might add – during which myself and Really Ree gave him a masterclass in tweeting and facebooking. And yes – he does get involved with it himself, as he does with every part in his company. We were the first bloggers he ever met, so it was a little bit special for us! Find him on twitter here and facebook here.

Bruce Oldfield Eau de Parfum
on sale in the Bruce Oldfield couture and bridal boutiques on Beauchamp Place as well as in Liberty from July 25th.
100ml Eau de Parfum, £89/€99

Bruce and a model wearing some of his creations

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