Swatch MTV Playground: Rankin

Rankin. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock for the past 2 decades. If you have, here’s the skinny: fashion photographer extraordinaire, co-founder of Dazed & Confused, loved by (and married to) supermodels all over the world, a little bit naughty, slowly turning artist and cool enough to go by just one name (John Waddell just doesn’t sound as good, does it?).

Over the past years, the famed photographer has shot the Swatch ad campaigns, has been named one of the editors at Swatch MTV Playground and now he’s launched his very own range for the watch label’s Swatch & Art collection, using the iris-pictures I first saw massively enlarged at his East-London exhibition last year. The 8 watches come with either white or black straps and a choice of iris colours. For hardcore collectors, there’s a special boxed set with 5 watches, limited to 777 copies. The other 3 watches are not a limited edition. All of the watches are available to buy now at Swatch online.

They are so gorgeous in their simplicity that I, a non-watch-wearer, wouldn’t mind sporting one of these on my arm! And I can’t help but wonder… whose eyes are they? Heidi Klum? Kate Moss? Prince William? His mother? Ah the mystery!

Below are 2 clips of some of the interviews Rankin has done for Swatch MTV Playground, where he is one of the guest editors (see my post on the other guest editors Alex Noble and Fred Butler here). For plenty more info and some of his exciting travel blogs, make sure you check out Rankin’s blog at SMP.

Rankin on seizing the moment:

Rankin on the future of digital photography

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