Style Post: SpiritHoods

If you’re confused as to why I’m doing a post about a big, furry hood in June, then you’re probably somewhere warmer than the UK at the moment. As I was working with big woolly socks and my coat on this morning, this adorable Husky SpiritHood arrived at my door, and the timing couldn’t have been better – I was absolutely freezing. SpiritHoods are the funky furry animal-inspired ‘snoods’ which aren’t just a joy to wear – the look on my neighbour’s face when he saw me was priceless – but you also do good.

A percentage of proceeds for certain SpiritHoods go directly to charities involved in the protection of endangered species (like pandas, snow leopards, wolves and polar bears), so by getting a SpiritHood, which is completely faux fur, you help out your creature of choice.

I’m babysitting this Husky hood just for a few days, but I’ve had such a blast wearing it I may just get one for myself. They’re definitely not just for winter, think festivals, chilly evenings, or the coolest outfit for a dress up party ever. You can wear it with the scarf down and tuck your hands in the little paws at the bottom or just wrap it around your neck. Either way, they’re super snuggly and a whole lotta fun.

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