Olympic Fever: TEAM GB by Stella McCartney for Adidas

It’s a fact: I officially have Olympic Fever. It might be over a year away, but the excitement for London 2012 has already started. Any day now I’ll find out which of the tickets I’ve applied for I’ll receive, and as of next week (May 16th) Adidas are launching their TEAM GB limited edition fan wear in stores and online. The collection was designed by Stella McCartney, the Creative Director for Adidas’ TEAM GB..

To accompany this launch, Adidas have created a wonderful little film introducing some of the young, and as yet unknown, stars of next year’s Olympic extravaganza. The video is narrated by Stella McCartney and features Team GB gymnast Louis Smith, triple jumper Phillips Idowu, pentathlete Heather Fell and triathlete Hollie Avil showing off their athletic abilities. Really worth a look!

A little preview of the new TEAM GB collection, which is a wonderful mix between functionality and style, like only Stella McCartney can design.

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  • ugh, I love them. Especially the first two tops. Stoked that Stella McCartney’s designing, can’t wait to see all our atheletes in them :)