My Big Fat Aussie Trip

Me and Eeyore.

I have just about recovered from my epic journey and jetlag, so Alex Loves will be back to normal from today. I’m starting with a big post on my trip (I took nearly 2.000 pics, but I’ll give you the edited version!). This was my first time going to Australia, and this trip will go down in history as the Bad Luck Holiday. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. It started with 2 days of severe food poisoning for both me and the bf upon landing in Brisbane (THANKS EMIRATES!), to consistent bad weather and torrential rains, to the worst journey home ever (canceled planes, missed connections, awful customer service, 57 hours from Brisbane to London.THANKS EMIRATES!).

So many other things went wrong on top of that, I often didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so I did both, plenty. Thank God for my camera to capture all the good times we did have! We spent a lot of time in and around Brisbane, which is a beautiful, modern city with a bit of a small-town feel. Although most places seemed to have recovered from the horrible floods in January, there was still a lot of evidence of the damage and crazy heights the water reached.
Sydney was probably my favourite place, it has a great international feel to it. Sadly I didn’t have much time to explore the local fashion scene (missed Australia Fashion Week by 1 day. Big mistake!) Definitely want to go back soon to explore some more! Just probably not with Emirates…


Breathtaking sunrise upon landing in Brisbane.

Brisbane seen from Mount Coot-tha

Brisbane’s South Bank. A lot like London’s, but with an outdoor pool. They win.

Lone Pine Sanctuary
Hugging Koala’s and Kangaroos at the Lone Pine Sanctuary. If it’s good enough for the Pope, Oprah and Slipknot, it’s good enough for me. Fell instantly in love with “my” koala, Eeyore.

Love love love Noosa. The fact that the sun came out for a change was also a bonus.


Probably my favourite place… The opera house really takes your breath away when you first see it (until you get up close), the vibe is a lot more international and I felt less… foreign. It rained constantly, but we tried to make the best out of our 3 days there. Definitely want to go back and explore more!

Anzac Day Parade

First Ozzie Zara opened that week. 5 days later, people still queueing in the rain. Insane.

Trip to Manly Beach by ferry:
Crocodile burger, anyone?

Took a pic of the Opera House from the plane by pure coincidence.

This is Australia’s most Easterly point. It’s a young, very hippy-ish, backpacker place. When the sun came out, it was absolutely heavenly. Sadly we got torrential rains more often than not. We were lucky enough to catch a double, full rainbow just off the coast, something so breathtaking, my pictures don’t do it justice. Memorable.