Kipling Monkey Mash-Up

Monkey by Alex Brownsell

Belgian accessories brand Kipling is probably best known for their furry mascot monkey that adorns every piece. Either you love it or you hate it, but it’s definitely what makes Kipling original and recognisable. Over the years, the monkey has evolved, has had different incarnations, colours and outfits, and now Kipling are inviting you to design your very own bespoke monkey with “Monkey Mash-Up”.

To kick off the project, Kipling teamed up with Dazed and Confused and challenged 3 young, creative Londoners to their very own monkey make-over. Fashion blogger Susie Lau of Style Bubble, Alex Brownsell of hairsalon Bleach (pretty much the salon solely responsible for the dip-dye hairtrend!) and illustrator Jessica Penfold were all sent the monkey to design however they wanted – and the result is unsurprisingly AMAZING!

The 3 designs will be on display at Selfridges London, Manchester and Birmingham, hoping to inspire viewers to create their own monkey makeovers over at The winner with the most “likes” will have their design brought to life on an 85cm tall monkey and will have it showcased on Dazed Digital as well as have it displayed in Kipling’s Regent Street store window, as well as £500 worth of Kipling product. 4 runners up will win a bag of their choice and their own design in a mini monkey.

The designs by Susie Lau, Alex Brownsell and Jessica Penfold will be auctioned online from June 14th, as well as designs by illustrator/artist Margot Bowman, the Silver Spoon Attire designers, Paula Goldstein and Valentine Fillol-Cordier of Purple Magazine, with proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

A fun and charitable project we can fully support! My creative skills probably end at writing, but if you’re more talented than I am, go let your inner monkey loose on

Monkey by Susie Bubble

Monkey by Jessica Penfold

Monkeys by Valentine Fillol-Cordier and Paula Goldstein

Monkey by Margot Bowman and Silver Spoon Attire

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  • Is it just sheer chance that Susie and Alex went for identical colour schemes? I think I might take Alex’s monkey into Bleach when I go to get my hair dyed in a couple of weeks as my “hairspiration”…


      • Still undecided but I posted some ideas on my blog yesterday:

        Cos I’m a chicken I think I might take the first step as just a
        beach-blond coloured dip-dye, so it looks like I lived in the
        Californian sun for several month but a year ago so it’s all grown out
        (i.e. like Drew Barrymore). BUT then once I’m used to it the colours
        are going to get layered on top. Or I might just get drunk before I go
        and go the whole hog! I really want something pastel like a light blue…