Be a Pin Up with Lulu Guinness At Clerkenwell Design Week

This morning I had the immense joy of having a quick breakfast and some playtime with the legend that is British accessories designer Lulu Guinness and her installation for Clerkenwell Design Week. For the occasion she has created a giant pin art installation underneath the historic St. John’s Gate (opposite The Zetter Hotel on Clerkenwell Road, fyi), where visitors are asked to create a lifesize pin version of themselves. We were invited to have a go and let me tell you – it is Fun with a capital F.

The inspiration for the installation comes from Lulu’s AW11 collection, which features lots of pins on her famous bags, and for the occasion she has created a special version of her iconic lip clutch full of pins, named The Clerkenwell Lip Clutch. It retails for £450 (here), but one lucky visitor can win one just by having a go and getting the most votes on their picture on the Lulu Guinness facebook page. (have one of the official girls take your picture, or send your own to

Myself and Fashionista Barbie went for a double act, Style Slicker tried movement (not easy), Bunnipunch went for it, whilst A Girl A Style sent a happy message to the world. It is yours to try until May 26th.

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