Chanel AW11 Press Day

Chanel holds a very special place in my heart, you probably know that by now. In fact, very few things make me as happy as being in a room full of Chanel, so when I attended the AW11 Press Day last week, IT literally meant all play and absolutely no work for me. I’m not sure where to begin writing a review of the winter collection, because I eh… loved it all. Simple as that.

For AW11, the collection is quite young, dark and rock ‘n roll-ish, almost aimed at a younger crowd than usual (me, me, me!), with plenty of fun pieces like biker boots, tambourine bags, iPhone and iPad cases, and a seemingly endless supply of trousers (both skinny and wide fit). The colour scheme is mostly dark, with the exception of some wonderful pops of colour like dark green and deep red.

There are plenty of updated versions of the classic Chanel bags (snakeskin, sequins, tweeds, …) but the real eyecatcher has to be the new model for winter, a slightly manly-looking square shaped bag, which comes in different sizes and colours. If ever there’s a bag that had “It-Bag” written all over it, this one would be it. J’adore!

Then there were shoes and hats and jackets and scarves and so much wonderful jewellery I went slightly cross-eyed, so I let my camera do the work. At the press day there was also a beauty launch going on, which is so good I’ll bring it to you in a separate post later this week.

Chanel, je t’aime.

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