My big challenge

Apologies if you came here looking for pretty pictures of pretty things, but I’d like to write to you about something personal for once. Body issues. Mine to be specific. I will tell you why a bit later on.

See, I love personal style blogs. They’re creative and inspiring, but it’s never been for me. I never really started this blog with the intention to put myself out there, but as the blog continues to grow, there’s more and more occasions where I’m asked to do so. It terrifies me. I used to be the biggest poser on the block (just ask my friends), but these days I hate having my picture taken. Whereas my younger self clearly had tons more confidence, these days I feel much happier being behind the camera than in front.

I am short and curvy, and sure, there’s times when I wish I could wear this or that, but if I’m really honest, I’m generally not unhappy with who I am. If I was unhappy, I would have done something about it a long time ago. In the past few months, I’ve probably gained a bit more weight than I wanted to, which I can blame on a number of things, but most importantly, it is because I just really enjoy life at the moment.

I’m happy in love, in life and my career, which means dieting wasn’t on my mind the past few months. The sweet little life as a blogger definitely doesn’t help. Events here, cocktails there, drinks and nibbles, and cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes everywhere. I don’t even like the damn things that much.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, because I was asked to face my worst fears 2 weeks ago when Dorothy Perkins asked me to participate in the Dorothy Perkins Denim Challenge, which you could also call My Worst Nightmare. Putting pictures of myself on my blog… in jeans??? Oh dear. I consciously hadn’t worn jeans in quite a few months because I learned how to dress for my shape, and my shape likes pretty dresses and skirts. So when faced with the 20-ish pairs of jeans I could choose from, I felt like fainting.

But, I decided to face my fears and accept it for what it really is for me: a challenge. These past 2 weeks, I’ve been eating better, doing more exercise and started enjoying wearing jeans again. When it comes to dieting, fear is probably the ultimate motivator. Me posing in jeans on my blog for 5 days in a row is the scariest thing I have had to do in some time. I may as well be naked. So as of tomorrow my personal challenge begins, and I’m ready. I’m definitely not used to taking pictures of myself, so that poses an additional challenge, so maybe my posts may not be as visually inspiring like the other people joining me in this challenge, but I’m doing it my own, personal way. A real girl in real jeans, and how I would really wear them.

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  • Yey!! So looking forward to checking your blog this coming week. Well done Alex for not shying away from the challenge. I love your chic sense of style and can’t wait to see what you put together (no pressure, of course!). xx

    • Aww thanks! I’m terrified, I took pics of my first look today, solo – it involved ladders and lots of running back and forth. I think I need to get me a Fred like you.

  • I so understand you!!
    I am not completely happy about my weight either (I wrote about it too a couple of days ago LOL maybe we’re feeling the spring coming?) and I understand your doubts on your “mission”…

    But, as it is quite clear from the picture above too, you’re cool, good-looking, you are photogenic and you’ve got a great style. What do you lack to rock this competition? Absolutely nothing

    So put on those jeans and show us: there’s nothing more suitable and sexy for a good pair of denim trousers than a curvy butt ;D

    Looking forward to your post, I’m sure it’ll be great!

    a kiss