Monocle for Japan

Seems like everyone is doing their bit to help out the victims in Japan, from us bloggers to Lady Gaga. This is a time where we can all chip in and help out by just donating a small amount of money, so why not support the cause by getting this gorgeous leather bracelet from Monocle?

In true Monocle-style, it’s a simple and elegant design, with “Support Japan” embossed on one side and “Brooklyn Tokyo x Monocle” on the other. All proceeds go to Civil Force, who are currently working hard to bring relief to the worst hit areas. Although Lady Gaga’s effort ain’t all that bad, I don’t see why supporting a good cause can’t be fashionable at the same time. You can never go wrong with a nice leather bracelet, period.

With leather from tanneries in the Miyagi region, where the earthquake and tsunami struck, this is a bracelet truly made in Japan – for Japan. I have just ordered mine, hope you do too!

Order your Japan Bracelet here for just £10.

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