Liberty x Nike

Liberty has been doing so many amazing collaborations recently, I feel like I should be making a special section on my blog just for the department store alone. The latest one with Nike has to be one of my favourite collabs so far. There’s definitely something there for the hardcore Nike fans, there’s something there for the fashionable peeps. The perfect shoes to step into spring with!

The collection consists of 3 models (High Dunks, Mid Dunks and Air Force 1’s) and 10 different prints and will be in store and online from tomorrow (April 1st) at 10am. Prices range from £72-£78. Not all models will be available from the start but some will be released later in the month.

To celebrate the launch, Liberty have of course made a bonkers installation only they seem to be able to do, with basketball hoops and shoes in golden orbits. Worthy of a visit, for sure. Buy collection here.

Umbel Print A High Skinny Premium Dunks, £78, and Tom’s Jets High Skinny Premium Dunks, £78

Kara’s Trees High Skinny Premium Dunks, £78 and Umbel Print D High Skinny Premium Dunks, £78

Umbel Print D Air Force 1 Premium Dunks, £78 and Tatum Print Air Force 1 Premium Dunks, £78

Kara’s Trees Print Blazer Mid Dunks, £72 and Kara’s Trees Print Blazer Low Dunks, £72

Tatum Print Blazer Mid Dunk, £72 and Umbel Print A Blazer Mid Dunks, £72

All images courtesy of Liberty.

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