Guts for Garters, part 2

You may remember that a few weeks ago I was invited for a sneak preview of new concept store Guts for Garters (see post here). I immediately fell in love with the quirky selection of items the founders Rachel and Cassie had chosen. Guts for Garters is a wonderful mix between art, design and fashion, curated like a gallery and always based around a certain theme, which is “The Royal We” for its first few weeks.

Although after the preview I already had a pretty good idea of what the shop would be like, nothing quite prepares you for the experience. To say there’s nothing like it out there is an understatement! The room is crammed full of vintage furniture pieces, racks of new and vintage clothing, jewellery, artworks, and other… things. During my visit I got to play dress up with one of the gorgeous Grace du Prez pieces and some Yorkshire Pearl bracelets, found an amazing vintage Chanel bag and basically had a bit of a dress up party.

Many of the designers and artists contributed special items for the shop, to go along with the theme. There is the collaboration with menswear brand Braille, who created a few unisex pieces for the occasion. There’s also lots of references to the upcoming royal wedding, like the cheeky commemorative mug (see picture below) or even cufflinks depicting the couple. Pretty much every piece in the shop has a great story behind it, and all I can suggest is that you visit the shop and let one of the girls tell you all about it.

Guts for Garters occupies a room in the basement below the new Cob art gallery and is not visible from the street. But don’t let that put you off, march straight through the gallery, and go find them downstairs, I promise you won’t leave disappointed.

Guts for Garters
205 Royal College Street
NW1 0SG London

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