Morning folks! Today is the first day of the Dorothy Perkins Denim Challenge, and the first day I’m back in jeans after a nearly a year without. It has been a challenge all the way, first to get my booty into the size jeans I hoped it was (it wasn’t), then realising I didn’t really know how to take style pics without a photographer.

Long story short, there was a ladder, a stack of books and some really questionable photography techniques I’ll never ever share with anyone. I have a newfound respect for style bloggers. I’m doing this challenge with 4 other lovely bloggers – read who they are and see their (more professional) posts on Style HQ.

Day 1 of the challenge is for Super Skinny Jeans. Probably the scariest style of the bunch, but by far my favourite model. I’ve been wearing my dark navy pair ever since they arrived last week, because they’re stretchy and soft and perfectly short – at 5’2 I usually end up having to chop half the jeans off first. The short length of this pair is just about right for me – hurrah! I also quite like the pleated detail on the back pockets.

Wearing jeans really wasn’t as scary as I expected. These were perfect for my first attempt to get over my fear of jeans (which I wrote about here last night).
Skinny jeans often scare curvy people, and sure, maybe they emphasize certain areas more than they should do, but I still think they’re much more flattering than loose fitting or baggy ones.

I’m wearing it the way I would wear it usually – with a simple, dark longish top and which allows you to focus on the accessories, my favourite thing of an outfit.

I’m wearing:
Dorothy Perkins Indigo Jeans
COS sweater, stolen from mum’s wardrobe
Louis Vuitton Sprouse Scarf
Regal Rose rings
Vintage Chanel bracelet, also from mum’s wardrobe

Just a few of the many pics gone wrong…

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  • Me thinks you’ll need to invest in a tripod like I did… xx

  • Your a fittie x

  • Jp

    what’s the painting behind you?

  • Al

    I love it! I knew you would have made it right!
    It’s exactly how I like to wear skinnies: simple, dark and basic and then make it special with accessories (and as you do, I mainly choose scarves and jewellery… the shoes are almost always ballet flats because I totally can’t walk on heels LOL).

    You’re cool Alex, can’t wait for the next look!


  • Becky

    Love this Alex! ♥

  • I like alex daily activity.I enjoyed to read this kind of article.

  • I like that skinny jeans. Its looking good.

  • Eden-Avalon

    Is it true that these run a little bigger than stated on their size chart? Or would you say they are true to size?