Dorothy Perkins Denim Challenge Day 2: Skinny Flare

Day 2 of the Dorothy Perkins Denim Challenge, and it’s already been… challenging. I’ve already traveled from Belgium to London and somehow managed to lose most of my pictures for the day 2 shoot. Of course, my favourite pics were in that batch.

I’d hoped it was a Belgium-related fault, but back in London the pictures still said “unidentified format”. So, I threw open my suitcase, hopped in my jeans again and shot them in about 2 minutes. This was slightly easier today as my lovely dad decided he couldn’t handle the ladder debacle again and bought me a tripod. Bless.

Anyway, about the dreaded flares – probably the most feared of the models I had to wear this week. But then something happened… I put them on, went up to my boyfriend in hysterics when he said… “Those look really nice on you.” Shocker. Seriously – I felt a little like I’d been digging in the dress up box, how could those look nice?

I’ve had them on a good few hours now, and I’ve figured why they are a little bit magic. They’re dark (slimming), slightly higher waist (slimming – no love handles bulging out), and the long flares hide my towering wedges, making it look like my legs are… long. Well, for me at least. It takes a good few pounds off me immediately. Am I converted? I think I may be. The only issue is I can’t wear them with anything other than high heels or they would drag. Still, if the intention was to get me out of my comfort zone and discover new things, mission accomplished.

I’m wearing:
Dorothy Perkins Skinny Flare Jeans
Zara Woman Flared Trench (bought yesterday, had to show off)
Bottega Veneta Sunglasses (see above)
Topshop Addison Wedges, aka my cheat shoes

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Below is one of the few surviving pics of the original shoot back in Belgium. Me waving at my mom, who kept looking at what I was doing. Cute.

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