Cabinet AW11

Season after season I tell myself “this time I’ll DEFINITELY make it to the LFW exhibition”. Then suddenly the last day of shows arrives, I’m busy walking around and I’ve missed it again. Sadly, it was no different this season…

I did get a little message at some point in the week from the lovely Cabinet girls inviting me over and when I get an invitation, I go. You may remember I wrote about Cabinet and their amazing bejewelled collars a while back, so I was quite excited to see how they would progress

Although I had less time than ideally I would have wanted, the girls showed me some wonderful… neckpieces, shall we call them? There were more evolved versions of the collars, feathered and grander than before. Their were other pieces too, like chunky necklaces, earrings and bracelets, and… a cute teddybear wearing a pink feathered collar.

It’s times like this where I wish they would leave the exhibition open for a day longer, post shows. You get the time to really explore the collections from up close, talk with the designers and get much better pictures. Next season… next season., still available at

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