Ashish AW11

Ashish was the last show on the LFW official schedule. (Sadly, I chose to go to Kristian Aadnevik, but more on that later) The photographers whooped, Amber Rose made her debut wearing a much too tight cut-out rubber dress – no LFW is complete without Amber Rose after all. This left me to explain to my slightly older neighbour who she was. That conversation went a little bit like this:

Him: “Excuse me, may I ask who she is and what she does?”
Me: “Amber Rose, don’t worry, no one actually knows what she does.”
Him: “Oh I see, one of those.”
Me: “Yep. She was once Kanye West’s girlfriend if that helps.”
Him: “What’s a Kanye West?”
Me: “Oh. A famous rapper.”
Him: “Oh. I see. I feel old.”
Me: “Yeah… Me too.”

Anyway, that aside, joining her front row were Paloma Faith and Little Miss Diva M.I.A. – I say diva, as she refused to take her seat until the lights had gone out and my friend overheard her manager saying she refused photographs or interviews. So whatcha doing there then, love?. Oh yeah, her music was the soundtrack to the entire show… not that she looked at all excited about that.

Now to the nitty-gritty: this time the Indian designer chose to mix his trademark outlandish sequin style with the Scottish Highlands. Result: sequined tartan pieces, a tongue-in-cheek nod to the ailing aristocracy with moth-eaten knitwear, ripped Union Jacks and cobwebs on the models’ knees.
My favourite: the skeleton sequined tracksuit trousers. They looked so oddly comfortable…

I really loved the show. It was quirky, different, had a story, was true to the designer’s trademark style, a true London show. The perfect finale to the week…

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