Alex Meets… BEEN by D’heygere

In a second look at some of the pieces I did for Dressed Up, the magazine for Princess, a famous chain of boutiques in Belgium, I interview Stephanie D’heygere, the brain and genius behind new legging line BEEN by D’heygere.

Loyal readers of my blog will remember I have mentioned BEEN on a number of occasions before (like here and here), but that’s not just because Steph is a personal friend. She has a truly fun and original product with tongue-in-cheek marketing and beautiful packaging. I heard quite a number of impressive stores worldwide have bought her very first collection already, so I’m not alone in thinking this!

If you’re doing Paris Fashion Week at all, make sure you go see her AW11 collection at the RA13 showroom, March 4-7th. I hear there’s going to be new crazy prints, pencil skirts and even gloves. You can find a little teaser below…

Full issue of Dressed Up here.

AW11 teaser…

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