Watch LFW Shows Live on Alex Loves!

As I’ll be out all day at the shows for the next week, I will be technically ‘out of the office’ for a few days. In the evening I will try to update, but as I’m covering for ELLE Belgium again, their reviews get priority. However, I am going to attempt to still get you as involved as possible. For the first time, I’m going to attempt to be slightly more technologically advanced and will have video of the main shows streaming live all throughout the day on the blog, courtesy of the British Fashion Council! If it turns out I’m actually not that clever and fail to have the streaming to work, I’ll definitely put the videos online in the evening!

Will it work, will it not? Only time will tell, but until then you can enjoy this little taster of what to expect…

Speaking of technologically advanced… Over the past few years, Burberry have really emerged as THE innovators when it comes to digital and social media, having streamed their show online live (the most normal thing now, a first a few years ago), having the show streamed in 3D, etc – so it seemed nearly impossible to top that. Well… they’ve done it. Burberry will be streaming their show live on to the Picadilly Circus big screens, an absolute first, so go and watch it on Monday, at 4pm GMT. I won’t be there… as I’ll be inside the tent!

Right, I’m off to have my beauty sleep, as we have a bright and early start tomorrow at 9am!

Happy Fashion Week to you all! xxx

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