Supermarket Sarah launches at Selfridges

Last Friday saw the launch of Supermarket Sarah‘s latest installation, this time at everyone’s favourite department store (well, mine), Selfridges. For the next few weeks, you’ll find Supermarket Sarah’s installation in the stationery department on the ground floor, and as expected it’s full of lovely must have goodies. The collaboration with Selfridges is a first for Supermarket Sarah, as this is the first ‘real life only’ wall, so you won’t be able to shop online for a change.

The wall is divided into 4 sections: Super Stuff, New Designers, Vintage and Gallery. The gallery bit will change every so often, focusing on a designer of Sarah’s choice. For the launch, this is Eley Kishimoto – tons of amazing stuff! Also different to the usual walls is that it gets constantly restocked instead of the gone-is-gone policy.

She doesn’t know it, but Supermarket Sarah has actually meant a lot to me this year. At the Tatty Devine launch back in July, I caught up with old friend Kate Baxter (Fabric Of My Life) and we really reignited our friendship that night. I was also approached by a girl who told me she loved my dress – this turned out to be Katie Antoniou.

Six months later, we’re all still great friends, and just to make things more interesting, Katie works closely with up-and-coming superstar Gabby Young, who performed a wonderful acoustic set for us at the launch on Friday. Together they started Gabberdashery, some of which is for sale on the Supermarket Sarah wall.
Yep, we have gone full circle.

Enjoy some exclusive pictures courtesy of Supermarket Sarah from the making-of (the team got to roam around Selfridges in the middle of the night to set up… my dream come true!) as well as my pics of Gabby’s performance on the night and make sure you pay a visit to the wall when you’re in the neighbourhood!

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