Rodarte for Opening Ceremony

I adore Rodarte. The Mulleavy sisters have this amazing ability to create these pieces that look like they just walked straight out of a dream. They found a magic formula to combine dramatic with romantic, edgy with soft at the same time. It’s magical.

A few years ago, whilst looking for a dress for my brother’s wedding, I was lucky enough to try on a Rodarte. It was unbelievably intricate and delicate, everything I’d imagined it to be… then I saw the price tag. $25.000 if I remember correctly. It wasn’t a couture dress, but I understand how much work went into it… Still, my love affair with Rodarte came to an abrupt halt.

Until now.

As luck will have it, my all time favourite NY store, Opening Ceremony, have just launched their amazing collaboration with Rodarte today. It’s a slightly more commercial and wearable version of the label, with quite a few references to the SS11 catwalk collection – and yes, some of it still has a $2000+ price tag – but this is a collaboration as good as it comes. There’s also a pretty cracking men’s collection, a first for them.

Rather than making a cheap-looking, lesser quality version of their own brand, the sisters seemed to have created a worthy collection they would easily be able to do for their own label if Rodarte wasn’t so… Rodarte.

A+! Opening Ceremony will be my first stop upon landing in NYC tomorrow. Let’s pray there’s still some good stuff left… I have my eye on some of the skirts. And the bathing suits. And the sunglasses… Oh dear…

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