EXCLUSIVE: Iconic Old England Watches Relaunched

It is 6am, I’m in my hotel room in New York and I’ve been wide awake and blogging for some time. Why? Because I’ve been given a pretty exciting exclusive preview of the Old England relaunch happening soon and I couldn’t wait to put this post up.

You may remember I wrote about Old England a few months back, when I spotted the iconic watches back at the Devetta PR press day. Well, now the history-laden Old England officially back, and will be exclusively relaunched at Selfridges this week. To celebrate this, they have just set up an amazing window display in collaboration with DAZED & CONFUSED and curated by set designer extraordinaire Andrea Cellerino.

There’s a lot of buzz behind this relaunch, and that’s because of the amazing history behind the brand. Launched in 1967, they were part of the infamous Sixties and Seventies London fashion scene, with the likes of Twiggy, Elton John Princess Anne (fashion icon?!) and The Beatles being true devotees to the brand. The Beatles loved them so much they even stocked the brand at their Apple shop in Baker Street.

Now, over 40 years later, Old England is being resurrected in 3 different themes. First, there’s the Classic Roman collection, my personal favourites. They’re big and monochrome and classic and as true to the originals as can be. They’ve got the roman numerals, of course. There’s even pocket watches if you want to go really retro!

Then there’s the Be Brave collection, which is more flamboyant and out there than the Classic Roman. There’s braver colours, as the name suggests, like pinks and yellows, glossy straps and oversized numerals, both roman and arabic styles. Then last but definitely not least, there’s the New Union range, which plays on the brand’s iconic history, with the Union Jack as the background for the watch display. Here you’ll find both classic as more colourful options, as well as that pocketwatch again!

I’ve seen the watches up close, and I’ve come to really love them. They’re definitely not for the faint-hearted, but I don’t think that’s what Old England is aiming for, not now, not back in 1967. It’s a unisex range, although some are obviously better suited for men or women. Then again, I saw those gigantic big black watches on the wrists of the Devetta girls and thought they were incredibly sexy. Nothing like a chunky oversized watch on a girl’s arm I think!

Old England Watches, relaunched exclusively at Selfridges from this week, prices starting from just £90!!!


An exclusive look at the Selfridges window display:

Some iconic images showing the rich history of the brand:

The newly relaunched range:

All Images via Old England

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  • looks like a cheap option from accurist to hit the high street again!…. they are no swatch and will be gone by the end of the summer. The window looks amazing shame the products dont :0(

  • I have an Old England Watch pocket type in the shape of
    a roulette wheel can anybody tell me more about it?