Selfridges probably has the best windows in the world – that’s a fact. Every time the new window displays go up, it’s a new visual feast, like little works of art. I hardly ever walk past without taking my camera out and taking a snap.

Being featured in a big department store’s windows is usually an honour left to the big, established brands. So now, especially with London Fashion Week getting closer, I was very excited to hear about the Bright Young Things displays going up. Bright Young Things are 25 designers chosen by Selfridges, ranging from the world of fashion, accessories, millinery, set and prop design, illustration and art. 20 of them have been offered the opportunity to showcase their work in the famous Selfridges windows – the first 10 having gone up now, the next 10 are launching February 4th.

Additionaly, in-store there will be 2 temporary shops showcasing the best pieces from all the designers – which include some limited edition items exclusive to Selfridges. You can also shop the Bright Young Things online here.

The first batch features Charlie Le Mindu, Alex Noble, Lilee, Frances Conteh, Simone Rocha, Craig Lawrence, Kristy Ward, Sophie Stephens, Kei Kagami, art collective The John Hour and RP/Encore. A couple of the names I’m familiar with from their shows at London Fashion Week, a few other names were new discoveries, but needless to say, the Selfridges’ team have definitely chosen some wonderful – and surprising – names. Big kudos to Selfridges for allowing these young and quite unknown designers the exposure they so desperately need. Names to remember!

Some of my favourite picks from the online shop:

Lilee Pleated Shirtdress, £340 and Alex Noble Skeletal T-Shirt Dress, £250

Frances Conteh Geometric Print Dress, £360 and Kristy Ward Cluster Necklace, £440

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  • Bibisfootprints

    selfridges windows are always amazing! x

  • I haven’t heard of a few of these people – shame on me, bad blogger! Although I don’t think Simone Rocha or Charlie le Mindu really need any more press/getting their names out there haha… xx

  • Such a fun thing to do… Selfridges always has good windows and know how to set themselves apart. Looks like you went in the dead of night to take the pictures? otherwise I am sure tourists and shoppers would be in your way! x

  • I always try to walk past at least once a month, their displays are amazing.

  • it is really good that there are big businesses willing to support younger and up and coming designers.
    the windows look fantastic!

  • Mr. Tentacles

    beri awesome!

  • How often do they change their window displays, anyways? Those windows are like the ones that you always see on NewY ork boutiques. It’s really great to see one of these window displays for a change. Something to help your eyes takes a break from the dull, monolithic look of the metropolis.

  • The images are good looking.

  • Great stuff you have shared here and really love these things.

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