New Year, 3 New Online Boutiques!

Inspired by my previous post and by a few great emails I received over the past few days, I’ve decided to highlight 3 more new independent online boutiques that have just launched for the new year.


Every single day I get hundreds of emails – mostly generic PR mailouts, newsletters I didn’t subscribe to or emails promoting products that have obviously no relevance to this blog. The delete button is a very active one around here, believe me. It’s not because I am rude, but because it would take me days just to respond to all these emails when I just want to focus on the few amazing ones that stand out.

Yesterday, I got an email from Cat from Howkapow, short but to the point and it made me go and have a look. I immediately fell in love with her new website. Howkapow is not only a GREAT name (LOVE!) but it sells and promotes young and independent UK designers – right up my alley! The shop is already chock-a-block full of great items, ranging from furniture to design items to jewellery to illustration prints. Although it’s quite a wide variety of items, everything seems so carefully selected and visually all seem belong together somehow.

Cat, a Central Saint Martins graduate, also sells her own Howkapow jewellery range on there, which looks much more fashionable and expensive than the ridiculously cheap prices would suggest.

Supporting the young and talented, that’s what 2011 is all about. Best of luck to Cat and hubby Rog, can’t wait to see more from Howkapow!


The second one that caught my attention was SKIRT boutique, from Newcastle. SKIRT is not a new shop – it opened in 2004 – but they have only just opened their new online boutique, and it is great.

SKIRT has a truly inspirational selection of young designers, national and international, known and completely unknown. Just a couple of minutes of browsing their site has introduced me to quite a few names I want to start looking out for. The buyers at SKIRT most definitely know what they are doing! Well, they must do, because they have just signed my beloved Borne by Elise Berger as one of their new labels…!

I absolutely adore the styling of the clothes on the pretty, smiling and adorable girls, rather than on plain mannequins or gloomy looking models. Adore!


Today I asked on my Twitter for some more new online boutiques and I was contacted by Looby Loo’s about their new online shop, which launched just this week.

Looby Loo’s was already a vintage shop in Cardiff run by mother and daughter duo Rhian and Lowri Grove, and now just has started retailing online.

Of course, as Looby Loo’s is selling vintage clothing, it is slightly different to the two shops above, but no less interesting. There are some beautiful pieces, all obviously carefully selected. It is perfect for those who require that truly individual one-of-a-kind look.

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