HIPSTAMATICS: An exhibition for Hipstamatics

Last night I was invited to go to the opening of the new (and first) exhibition at the Orange Dot Gallery on photographs taken with Hipstamatic, the popular iPhone app that allows you to take analog-looking pictures with the many different effects.

As a personal Hipstamatic user and fan, I just loved the idea. The 157 on display pictures aren’t taken by artists either – they are all by fans just like me, taken from Hipstamatics, a blog where everyone can upload their favourite images.

As there’s no set theme for the exhibition there’s quite a variety of subjects to be found in the photographs, with the only common denominator being the use of Hipstamatic. Every picture has a caption with the submitter’s name and location and at the back of the gallery, there’s a continuous stream of projections on a large screen.

Hipstamatics: An Exhibition for Hipstamatics is a real hommage to how a little phone gadget has become a true modern-day phenomenon that can make all of us a little bit of an photographer, an artist.
I just wish I’d known about it, so I could have uploaded some of mine! I’m going back to visit when it’s less packed this weekend to take a proper look at every picture. I hope you do too!

Hipstamatics taken of the Hipstamatics. Oh the Irony…

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