For Christmas, Santa gave to me…

I hardly ever get surprised anymore. Having this blog usually ruins that, as I usually I go around for months dropping hints on what I want, or my parents tell me to go buy my own. So it was quite a shocker to receive some of the best surprises (and therefore best presents) I’ve ever had for Christmas. I don’t mean to show off, but well… I can’t get over how everyone spoiled me this year! (Don’t worry, I spoiled them right back.)

My parents took the biggest risk by buying my present months ago at The Mall outlet shopping centre in Firenze. Non refundable, non exchangable. Not that I needed to. Inside the pretty bland carrier bag hid a huge beige leather Balenciaga weekendbag big enough for me to sleep in, which they bought at a fraction of the original price. It is gigantic. I adore it. I want to make love to it.
I have only one thing to add: a Balenciaga outlet store? I’m booking me a ticket to Firenze to go to The Mall STAT! Who’s coming with me?

With its little sister, to show just how big it is. I had to put a pillow and two coats inside to make it look semi-full.

My brother did take the hint from one of my Christmas Gift Guides and got me the Audio Chi white leather headphones, which haven’t left my head since. The quality of the sound is so amazing and the fact that they look great doesn’t hurt either. Très Chanel! Mine were ordered from John Lewis here.

My lovely friend Kate (Fabric Of My Life), found the cow milk jug I’d blogged about several times and had been searching for and surprised me with it. It is from English earthenware company Burleigh and is for sale at Liberty here. I drink large quantities of coffee just so I can pour milk with my cowjug. Bliss…

Last but definitely not least… from my boyfriend I got a surprise trip to New York in February. NYC is one of my favourite places on earth and it had been a year, so I was itching to go… Best of all, and a sign of how little he knows about the fashion world just yet, our trip is during NY Fashion Week, although I’ve had to promise not to do any work. We’ll just see about that…

I’m still a little shellshocked. All of these are all things I absolutely adore. I guess people know me better than I give them credit for… You all spoil me.


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