A very special delivery from Upper Street

If you remember, a while ago I wrote about www.upperstreet.com, the website that allows you to become a real shoe designer, creating your very own dream heels. I even asked for your help in choosing between a few pairs I’d made, and I chose the ones with the most votes.

Well, at last they are HERE and not just the shoes are absolutely amazing, the whole process was from beginning to end.
As the shoes are made completely by hand (and obviously all individual) it takes a few weeks for the order to complete. But all along I received email updates on the status of my heels.

Last week, they arrived. I had wanted to post this earlier, but as my ankle injury is still not better, I’m still unable to wear heels. So very sadly, I couldn’t take any pictures of me wearing them, but I still want to share this with you.

At this time where terrible customer service seems to be the norm (you should really watch Mary Portas’ new show – as well as read this post by Fashion Daydreams) it’s amazing to deal with a retailer that goes that extra mile. Opening this shoebox was an experience more than just a new pair of shoes.

There were plush velvet shoe bags, gel cushions, a handwritten note explaining I can return them for alterations, a note on how to take care of my new babies and a little velvet bag containing a leather heel keychain. I was happy enough just with my shoes…!

As for the actual shoes, they are pure perfection. I chose a pretty high model with a platform for comfort. They look sort of bland and simple from the front, like a normal pair of black pumps, then you turn around and you get a little kinky red behind. 2 shoes in 1! The quality of the snakeskin is gorgeous, and despite their height, they’re pretty comfy (once I’ll be able to wear them again)…

Thanks www.upperstreet.com for getting me my lovely shoes and so much more, they’re a true joy!


And now the shoes…

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