A tale of two white beaches…

As I mentioned earlier, I spent the Christmas break in 2 rather extreme places. First there were the snow-covered beaches in Belgium, then there were the turquoise waters and white beaches of the Caribbean islands. The latter may have been slightly more exotic, but both of them were equally photogenic in their own way, so I took the opportunity to take zillions of pictures. Everything in Belgium was subdued and grey, other than the bright white of the snow, then back in the Caribbean the colours were popping everywhere, from houses to plants to the sea.

As this blog has progressed, I’ve definitely taken more of an interest in photography, and even though I’m by no means a good photographer yet, I’m definitely enjoying taking pictures a lot more, and sharing them makes it even more fun. My weapon of choice these days is the Sony S95, an amazing little device, through which I’m learning a lot..

Enjoy! (This is the edited down version…)

P.S. Yes, that’s the bay and little shack where they shot Pirates of the Caribbean. No, I couldn’t find Johnny Depp anywhere. I tried.

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