Birthday Giveaway: voucher

My winning design :)

I was meant to post this on Saturday, but unfortunately I spent the weekend in bed, sick as a dog. So a bit late, my last but definitely not least present to give to you guys to celebrate the first birthday of Alex Loves! I hope you had as much fun with these as I did! I’ll post all the winners later today!

But, back to the business of giving away stuff! 2 weeks ago I asked you guys to help me pick a favourite from the shoes I’d created on (read here) and I ended up ordering the ones with the majority vote, the black snakeskin pumps with red heel. My shoes are currently being handmade, and I’m getting regular updates on the progress of my new shoes! Once they arrive I’ll make sure to post pictures of my new babies!

The process of designing your own dream shoe to actually being able to order them just for yourself is so unique and has been so much fun for me, I’m happy to tell you the people from are giving someone a beautifully packaged £50 voucher towards creating their own dream shoes! Girls, treat yourself, boys, make a mom, girlfriend, wife, sister, … VERY HAPPY this christmas!

To win, you do the usual…
1: email and just tell me why you’d like to win this voucher. All your emails have kept me very entertained this week, so I look forward to reading your emails for the last time. Feel free to send me some images of the shoes you’ve created, I’d love to see what you’d order! Oh, and put Upper Street in the subject…
2: Like Alex Loves and Upper Street on Facebook…
3: You can enter until tomorrow, Dec 7th, 5pm, after which this lovely website will pick a winner.

Goooooooood luck!


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