Birthday Giveaway: Hannah Warner Ring

Hannah Warner’s Lizard Skull Rings

Over the past year I’ve gotten the chance to meet and interview a bunch of amazingly talented young designers for my Alex Meets… series, which is probably the best thing about everything I’ve done all year. Jewellery designer Hannah Warner was one of them. You can re-read the interview here.

I discovered Hannah Warner during my trip to one of my favourite shops in Islington, Sefton (you can read that here), where I was immediately attracted to the beauty of every single one her pieces. Inspired by natural elements like bones and corals and shells, they’re not your usual polished pieces, but have a more rough, almost gothic quality about them.

At just 25, I’m mighty impressed with her work already, so keep an eye out for Hannah’s work as I believe we’ll be seeing a lot more of it soon! Of course I’m so happy she offered one of her pieces for me to give away to a lucky reader. She’ll be making one of her amazing signature lizard skull rings, in black rhodium with the red ruby eyes worth £250.

To win, just answer me the following (I’m making you work for this one, as it’s just sooo good)
1: What did Hannah Warner study in New York? (can be found on her site) Email it to with Hannah Warner in the subject.
2: As ever, like Alex Loves on facebook
3: You can enter this one until Saturday Dec 4th, 4pm UK time!

I’ll be so jealous of the person win this one, I’m in love with this ring. Good luck!

A huge thank you to Hannah and to Jules for making this happen! xxx

Below is the ring you can win…

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