Arcadia SS11 Press Day

I was invited to the Arcadia SS11 press day yesterday, to get a little preview of what’s hitting our high streets in a couple of months’ time. Arcadia, for those of you who don’t know it, is the company that owns Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Burton, Miss Selfridge, Wallis and Evans, so there was plenty to see!

What’s great about seeing a bunch of brands together at the same time is the ability to spot trends right away. Whereas every brand definitely has its own identity, you can feel certain things popping out at you right away. There were 4 floors of goodies to gawp at, so it would be impossible to put them on here in detail, so this is a small selection, which should give you a rough idea of what to expect for SS11!

Some trends I spotted right away: the distinct 70’s vibe which we were already introduced to at the Topshop Unique show back in September. All of this hippy-vibe was still there in full force at Topshop, who didn’t appear to have toned down the catwalk collection for the stores. Long fringes were everywhere, from Topshop to Miss Selfridge to Dorothy Perkins.

As with every summer collection, there was also plenty of white, especially the case with Wallis and Miss Selfridge, each doing it in their own style. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a bit of white in summer!

A little overview by brand:


70’s galore, fringes, perspex hooker-heels (Taylor Momsen, you reading this?), tie-dye prints, flares, the Seventies are back, baby!


Lots of white and nude tones, fringed bags, gorgeous leather accessories, maxi dresses and mini shifts, also sensing a distinct Seventies vibe, but slightly more approachable!


Lots of white, florals and block colours in their accessories. 1923 is a gorgeous vintage-style line I was unfamiliar with before. That first rose dress is just absolutely amazing for weddings (or just any day) on a budget. Adored the shoes with matching purses too! Wallis is a surprising discovery for me! Oh, and yes, that’s me, taking a picture of me.


Pastels, fringes, girly and lots and loooots of cute accessories!


Speaks for itself…


Sorry boys, I’m covering all brands in one go, as it’s not my strongest suit, but didn’t want to leave it all out anyway, so here’s a few snaps of the menswear floor. Topman stood out by far. Loved all the updated deck shoes – this is one trend which isn’t going away just yet…

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