Alex Loves is (nearly) 1!

Custom-made initial necklace by EC One

You may notice the slightly changed logo on the top of this site (no, I’m no graphic designer!!!) and that’s because this time next week, Alex Loves will be 1 years old and I won’t just let it pass by without a big bang! I want to share this moment with everyone who’s supported me over the past year, everyone who’s read, commented, shared the love, those who helped me, those who have become firm friends.

I’ve got quite a few surprises up my sleeve, but I can promise you it will be a giveaway extravaganza. I contacted a few of my favourite people I worked with over the past year and asked them to celebrate with me, so as of Monday the 29th of November (the actual birthday), I’m giving away some amazing presents kindly offered by them. I won’t give away EVERYTHING just yet, but here’s a little preview: there will be a custom-made initial necklace like mine (top picture) made especially for the winner by EC One Jewellery, 3 lucky readers can win a Kipling handbag of their choice (and a chance to win free bags for a year!), there will be special reader discounts and much, much more… When I celebrate, I do it BIG!

I’m also planning a little bday/xmas-party soon, although that is still very much in the works, so more info on that later!

I’m so excited about the upcoming weeks, make sure you keep checking as the competitions will start rolling out!

Lots of love,


My Peter Pilotto Kipling bag. One of these can be yours…

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